Wednesday, November 17, 2010

oh grams!

to "celebrate" the year mark of lovebird's homecoming from the mission, i had high hopes of making this dessert he talks about quite frequently. being the sneaky little girl i am, i emailed a sweet sister over in bulgaria to get the recipe to surprise him.... one huge problem... the recipe was in grams. okay, it doesn't sound that complicated, but it is; because grams of flour weigh differently than grams of sugar. yikes! struggled with that one. but long story short, i asked an experienced cook at my work. the next day, she brought me in julia child's cook book that included the cheat sheet to converting grams. {bless her little heart.} the conversation evolved into the women at work challenging me to do the "julia child" blog challenge. i told them that there is no way in heck i could ever do that. i am too busy, point blank.

however, i did promise that i would commit to making at least three meals a week and one dessert every weekend. {mainly so i could take in the yummy treat to work on monday}. anyway... i guess i've been challenged. so we'll see how it pans out. i can promise you i'll blog about the desserts, and i'll try to blog about the dinners- however week nights are far more busy than the weekends, so i'm not making any promises there. i have decided to take all my dessert recipes out of the martha stewart holiday cookie magazine that my dear friend joe gave me. why? because i haven't made any of them before- they are all new to me. obviously, lovebird and i will both turn into fat creatures but who cares! it's the holidays right?

which reminds me, thanksgiving is next week! can you believe it?
is this year flying by for anyone else?
i mean christmas is just around the corner.

okay! so the challenge has begun.
i made a delicious pot of taco soup for dinner and this
weekends treat is the cookie in the book that lovebird has requested. 
stay posted to find out.

love you all. thanks for reading such a long post. xo

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