Sunday, November 14, 2010

today in 10

picture via:    {look at number 7 on my list}
1. i tasted the new and delicious MilkyWay. just caramel. {newsflash, in case you didn't already know, caramel is one of my all time favorite "foods"} pretty tasty. i still like the original better, though.
2. i started up an account on twitter. unsure how i feel about it... but check IT out
3. i am indeed thankful for the comments and emails i've been receiving from new readers. which leads to say, i'm now addicted to your cute blogs. 
4. lovebird called me a diva. oh, no. am i?  
5. i made two huge turkey.cranberry.creamcheese bagel sandwiches for lunch. lovebird managed to finish his in two seconds flat. 
6. lovebird complimented me on my eyes today. not once but twice. thank you very much. he is convinced green is my color to wear now. we'll see. it's hard to compete with his incredible eyes.
7. fashion trends i'm addicted to write now: boyfriend watch, red lipstick, fedoras, and socks peeking out of boots.
8. church today was a bit on the boring side. just being honest. lovebird was a good cuddle buddy, however.
9. i am starting the countdown to thanksgiving today. which equals a trip home to utah, the big game day, and of course the reunion of seeing our lovely families. 
10.  i was reminded of what a blessing it is to live out of state. the challenges, experiences and friends i would have no other way been able to experience and meet. 

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  1. If you have time over Thanksgiving, you and your mom should come out and meet Quinn! I would love to see you, instead of just blog stalking....ha!