Monday, December 13, 2010

dozens and dozens

beautiful, right?
{wish you could see them in real life.}
i certainly am loved.
a total of five dozen roses. 60 roses. 
i have thoughtful and loving husband. 
and a special thanks to my ballet company 
for presenting me a couple dozen as well.

what a crazy, nerve racking, exciting, successful and busy weekend.
nutcracker shows, lovebird's father in town, christmas parties,
 and a little thing called work. (which doesn't seem so little anymore)

needless to say, it is over. and i am still exhausted
however, a new week has already begun and it is about to repeat itself.
another theater week, and another weekend of performances.
oh, how tired i am. but excited that it is almost christmas.
performing nutcracker is a real treat. i feel honored and lucky.

do you know what else i feel lucky about?
that he is mine.

sorry for the creepiness of my face. 
{you can thank stage makeup and slick back hair for that one}


  1. Oh Elease! Your adorable Madre came into my shop the other day and was feeling so sad to miss your performance. She was seriously so upset. It was adorable. You are a loved little girl...well woman!! :) Love the blog girlie!

  2. oh my goodness.. thank you so much for commenting on my blog, because it brought me to your blog! I absolutely LOVE it! You and your husband are absolutely adorable and seem so happy! -definitely an inspiration for me and how I want my life to be :) I will be keeping up on yours as well! I hope that your performances went well this weekend! you are amazing! love you cute girl!