Wednesday, December 8, 2010

say cheese

this week is crazy. absolutely crazy i tell you.
its so happens that final week and theater week are the same week. 
lucky us. more like busy us. 

however, on the lighter note, lovebird will be done with school tomorrow night at 5:01 sharp. {but who's counting? me. obviously} And theater week always gets me anxious to perform and throws me right into the christmas spirit. this week may be a bit of a stress, but that's the joy in life. what's life without a little challenge? to all of you out there studying for your finals or preparing for you nutcracker performances, i wish you the best of luck. hang in there, because christmas is just around the corner. 

oh! and when life seems stressed take funny pictures. it does the trick. there's never a dole moment when making ugly faces. and it manages to give you a split second of relief and a worry free brain. 
cheers and luck to the rest of the week!

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