Friday, December 24, 2010

family spells christmas

i had a moment today.
in fact, a very uplifting one.
today, as i sat the table for my family of eight for Christmas eve dinner
i realized at that very moment that those were the most 
important people in my life.

i am so lucky to be able to spend the holidays with my dearest family.
i am much anticipating their company.

my heart aches to those that aren't as fortunate to look across the dinner table
and know that they have a family who loves them with all of their heart. 
i certainly consider this one of my richest blessings.

my heart also aches for the homeless, the needy, the orphans and those
lonely souls out there at this time.
i wish with my whole heart, that there was something great enough that i could do 
to replicate what a home and family feels like.

i know this may be deep.
but i had to "record" my uplifting moment of the day.
it was too important to go unnoticed. 

please cherish your family as you have a lovely Christmas. 

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