Wednesday, December 29, 2010

gifts unwrapped

well, well well....
woke up to a lovely christmas, yet again.
(man, santa claus is good)

pearl earings. a husband's requirement for every wife. and i got mine! yay.
camera bag. "so sick", as lovebird would say. thanks core.
clothes. can't go wrong there.
a new painting for our house. we love it.
candles. i'm obsessed, in case you didn't know.
a new purse. never can have too many.
nail polish. excitement.
books. i'm a reader. thrilled.
orange peeler. trust me, you'll want this one.
a phone call from a missionary. pure joy.
falling whistle. (personally my favorite gift.)
a nixon watch. yes, that makes several for lovebird. but, he loves them.
boots. obsessed. i've had my eye on them for quite sometime now.

the list goes on. and obviously, i listed more of mine than i did of lovebird's. but that is simply because i'm overly excited about my gifts. i wasn't expecting a thing, and of course i was blessed. now, i know christmas isn't about the gifts... but, i still wanted to share.

also, sorry for not blogging so often. i have come down with a nasty flu. i couldn't even get myself out of bed yesterday. so, stay healthy! wash your hands every five seconds. trust me, you don't want this.

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  1. Glad you liked that orange peeler. They are seriously awesome if you love oranges, which I DO! Hope you had a good visit. i'm sad I didn't get to see you.