Friday, December 3, 2010

picture overload

hello friends!
i thought i would share some pics from 
our little trip home over thanksgiving.
they seem to tie up our weekend better
than i can in words, so here you go!

we were so happy to finally make it home!

meet henry our bulldog. he is our pet. 
and yes, he is a stuffed animal. 
if you know lovebird, you will understand this picture.

this is corey. my handsome brother.

a delicious, rather scrumptious homemade apple pie
my brother bret made. he's an excellent chef.

us lovebirds plus joel. my crazy brother.
you've got to meet him.

last but not least, crew. my bestest friend.
isn't he a stud?

yep, we are in love. 

stopped off at vinto for lunch. yummy pizza and gelato.
isn't he handsome? boy, i'm lucky. 

victory! we won!
they utah game was a blast. 

i simply have the world's greatest family.
and certainly brothers. all four of them. 
sorry for the picture overload. but i promised them to you!


  1. i love all the pics you have. thanks for sharing about your thanksgiving with us. looks like you had a great time! happy friday! :)

  2. so fun! I'm sad we didn't get to see you two while you were in town, but i did see you on the jumbo tron! it made me miss sitting together. you looked beautiful! will you be coming to salt lake for christmas??
    p.s. funny you have a bulldog stuffed animal named henry because jake and i want a miniature bulldog ONE day and to name him king henry! xoxo hope all is well.