Sunday, December 5, 2010

count down

{our little christmas tree}

christmas is coming....
and our little home is decorated!
we are ready.
bring on the holidays!

lovebird and i are anxiously awaiting to celebrate
our first christmas together as lovebirds.
plus, it's a little more special than usual, because lovebird
grew up in jewish household. so....
so many christmas traditions and ideas are new to him.
and isn't he lucky to be married to someone so in love
with christmas? well, holidays in general.
he's in for a treat.

the advents have started.
{i purchased this one this year}
our house glows from the candles.
the christmas tree is delightful.  
our fireplace holds two stockings
and a garland i made.
check it out....

and best of all we are ready to start our own traditions.
they are so important to me.

what are your holiday traditions?

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