Tuesday, January 25, 2011

nose nightmare

wanna hear something funny?
last night, we were both dead asleep when all of a sudden....
lovebird somehow managed to elbow me hard and nailed me 'smack dab' in the nose.
i woke up with instant tears. 
it happened all so fast.
i didn't know what to think and neither did he.
he hadn't realized he did it. 
and i was trying my hardest not to hate him for the pain i was now feeling.
my nose is still tender to touch today.
right now, as we snuggle in bed, we are laughing about it.
i mean, what are the chances?
certainly a funny moment. 
{painful one too}

{i have a feeling my face looked somewhat like this when i woke up}
picture via colin smith

goodnight nose, lovebird, long day 
and a very good night to you. 

1 comment:

  1. haha this makes me laugh out loud because after we had been married about a month i accidentally popped jake in the jaw with my elbow really hard...hard enough that it woke me up too and i realized what i did. he wasn't as sweet about it as you probably were to joel though!