Sunday, January 30, 2011

we we weeeeee.

this past week....
we went to school and work a lot.
too much, actually.
we enjoyed three deliciously yummy homemade goodies. 
{chicken enchiladas, zucchini bread, and granola}
we "picked" our new home.
which we are anxious to move into this weekend.
we spent another week in love.

we spent the weekend in san francisco.
we saw a beautiful performance of giselle.
we spent the night at joe's incredible apartment.
{watching the making of oprah's shows. insane, i tell you.}
we ate a yummy breakfast.
we raced off to church.
we spent the rest of the day just as lovebirds
walking the streets of "our" city.
and unfortunately,
we didn't take one picture.
lame, i know.

hope you had as good of a week as we did.
cheers to another week!

i'll be spending the last few hours of the weekend snuggling up
to the most incredible husband in the world.
jealous? you should be. 

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  1. look at you being a cute wife and cooking! remember when we said we would skype while making meals? i wish that were the case! love youuu and i really would love a visit in sf if allowed a visit :)