Tuesday, February 1, 2011

love is in the air

hello lovers.
it is february.
the love month. 
are you as happy as i am, that january is over?
january is cold, long, somewhat depressing and busy.
february is a happy month.
28 days full of nothing but love.
well, and i guess...
 lots of birthdays
memories and remembrances 
 hours of rehearsals then performances
family coming to visit
 trips to san francisco
moving into our new home
and of course
valentine's day.

it's a short month, only 28 days.
anything is possible right?
so why don't we all spend this lovely month
madly in love. 

for starters, lovebird was awfully romantic today and brought me 
these gorgeous tulips at work.  they made my day. 

and in celebration for the first day of the month,
 i decked out in red. it's all about being festive.

well that's a wrap for today.
happy february. 

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