Sunday, March 6, 2011

big seven.

on our mini road trip to monterey, lovebird looked over and asked...
"what do you like most about being married?"
without giving much thought, i simply replied: "everything." 
because after all, that's the truth. 
i then turned around and ask him. his reply being quite brilliant:
"because i have you, and no one else in the world can say that."
he went on to explain how incredible it is that no two people in the universe
 have the same relationship as another couple;
there is only one "joel" and "elease" out there; 
making it impossible for couples to experience the
exact same love, adventures and conflicts.
i had never thought of it that way. 
oh, how i love him.
and yes my friends, i love everything about being married.
but i especially love being married to him.

most "def" the best seven of my life.

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