Monday, March 7, 2011

under the sea

what a beauty, right?
can you believe these pictures are real?
keep in mind, i didn't do a single edit to them. promise.
that is simply just how beautiful these creatures are.
{minus lovebird and i, obviously}
but anywho. we had an incredible weekend at the
i wish i could share all of the hundreds of pictures we took
or describe how deliciously scrumptious our lunch was.
or even portray the true beauty of the earth under the sea
that we experienced that day.
i mean there were turtles, penguins, touch pools, octopus', 
seahorses galore, flamingo's,  sea otters, and the list goes on.
it was breathtaking. period.

and what did i learn?
to never pass up fish n' chips.
to always keep the star fish in the water. ops.
and to not long for a vest made out of sea otter fur.

but no, on a more serious note, i learned
to be even more cautious about

it's really important my planet loving friends.
and if you ever get the chance to go to this museum.... go!


  1. I just keep looking at all the pictures. They are gorgeous. I love the monterey bay aquarium, I haven't been in ages! And seahorses, oh-be-still-my-heart, they are truly so amazing!

  2. Hello! Crazy small world, huh? Confession: I've actually already stalked your guys' cuteness a few months ago via Rosie's old blog... :) I'm glad you said something on my blog, though, so I could remember how magical you two are. I mean, come on. A real life ballerina? Doesn't get more magical than that!

    Also, I LOVE these aquarium pics. Makes me miss the Oregon coast.