Tuesday, March 22, 2011

boring, i know.

boring picture to go with a boring post.

i'm lame, aren't i?
 just guess i'm a little too tired lately for blogging.
i sure wish i wasn't.
i also wish i was back were i was standing in this picture...
carmel beach. simply gorgeous.
and pebble beach is a sight to see.

anywho.... this week as been quite refreshing.
{the usual; dance, school and work.}
however, we've been enjoy my few extra minutes off lately.
we bought some goods at trader joe's
and green's market these last couple days.
{going the route of eating super healthy and organic.}
and i'll have you know....
i have been drinking my water instead of diet coke. yay!
life seems to be quite healthy lately.
and i loooove it. 
health nut set aside, we did go to yogurt mill tonight;
and let me tell you- they don't mess around. yum.
how can one possibly resist frozen yogurt?
you can't. it's impossible. 

well, friends. that's all i have in me tonight.
i'm already under the covers fighting sleep as it is.
it all boils down to this...
i suggest a trip to carmel beach, organic food and frozen yogurt.
three of my favorite things. 


  1. I miss Trader Joe's!!! Also, I know I certainly can't resist frozen yogurt. It's amazing.

  2. I LOVE trader joes! So awesome. Also, frozen yogurt is amazing. Miss you! xoxo