Saturday, March 19, 2011


i did five pirouettes on pointe. twice. sensational feeling, i tell ya.
we ate lunch at panera bread. yum.
the wind almost blew me over. quite literally.
i wondered if the world was coming to an end. 
we watched "social network." crazy. oh, and people are genius.
i got the craving to go to school.
i made my own vanilla soy steamer. take that starbucks.
wished pastries weren't so caloric. however, i wish that everyday.
i devoured a orange peel scone. all 420 calories.
ironic, right?
i had a rewarding conversation with my sweet mother.
we pressed snooze on our alarm this morning five times. lazy bones.
i did a lot of "what if" questioning today. i'm so curious, always.
i realized true friends love you for who you are. married or not. 
i cuddled up to lovebird all day long. thank you blistery day. 
and now it's time to bid farewell. 

picture via Donato Buccella 

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