Thursday, April 7, 2011

book worms

him: atlas shrugged
her: east of eden

we are reading some classics. 
it's about time- my mother would say.
we enjoy climbing into bed just a smidge earlier
to read instead of staying up to fiddle our thumbs.
{and boy, have i missed being a book worm.}
we both have many pages to read,
but it's our goal to finish them in the next couple of months. 
wish us luck. 
and i suggest you get reading too.
"it's so good for you"


  1. Can I just say that I adore you and your cute little blog?! Plus, both of these books are on my 'read after I graduate' list, so I would love it if you would give a book review when you're done so I know if I should keep them on the list or not. :)

  2. East of Eden is one of my all-time favourites! Such a good read...

  3. love east of eden!! i love classics. and i love you.