Monday, April 4, 2011

lovely weekend

we had a lovely weekend. 
most of which consisted of this.
general conference is incredible. period.
why does it only happen twice a year?
we ate delicious orange sweet rolls, hung out with our
fun friends, enjoyed a diet coke (i know, i'm naughty) and 
we decorated our easter tree. 
{which of course is a duffin tradition... now becoming a stice tradition}
take a peak.

i probably shouldn't say "we", because lovebird actually decorated the tree.
he surprised me. bless his heart.
and those eggs? aren't they adorable?
my cute duffin cousins made them and sent us a little easter package.
oh, how we love them. and the eggs too, of course. 
easter is around the corner.
and so is lovebird's birthday.
any good ideas for birthday presents? i am stumped. 

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