Wednesday, May 11, 2011

black & white

guess what was delivered to our little home today?
drum roll please.......
 our very own piano.  yipee!!
i'm overly excited and thrilled that i have a piano
in my own little home. 
growing up with two in my house, i was quite spoiled.
and not having one in my home made it feel like something was missing.
not anymore. thank goodness. 
as lovebird says, i'll certainly be "tickling the ivory"
quite often. 
you are welcome to come over and play it anytime.

also, pass on the word....
i'll be starting to teach piano lessons this summer!
if you are interested, let me know!
{more on this to come later}


  1. congrats on the new piano! and i absolutely love your header!

  2. Waah? I had no clue you played. Thats sweet. :)