Tuesday, May 17, 2011

one, two, black and blue.

well, it the week we've all been waiting for.
okay, more so the week lovebird has been desperately waiting it's arrival.
he finally 'went under' the big knife and had his surgery on his ACL.
may 17, 2011.
what a day.
for me, it was... 
a day of waiting with diet cokes, hospital blankets, and pretzels.
a day of patience, nerves and gratitude that my mom was with me. 
for him, it was...
a day that was well anticipated and well needed.
a day of pain pills, loopiness, a cold table, a lack of remembrance,
crutches, doctors, nurses and a breathing "toy".
all went well with the surgery.
and i'm here to tell you, he is off to a speedy recovery already.
our summer may be less active than we'd like,
but that won't stop us from having fun.
we are looking for days on our patio, sitting by our pool,
reading book upon book and road trips home.

and a big thanks to midge for being her for the week.
we couldn't have done it without her. 
it was one of the happiest weeks of my life.
i'm so lucky to have such an awesome mother. 

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