Sunday, July 10, 2011

Q & A

finish the sentence:

it's sunday...
a. again. 
b. already. 
c. really?
d. thank goodness. way.
f. why?
g. awesome!
my answer would be: all of the above.

i'm feeling a little strange today.
for starters, i can't believe another week has already come and gone.
why is time passing so quickly? please slow down.
sundays tend to get me down, simply because i know a new week is coming.
however, that being said...
i love sundays because...
they are my one and only day of the week to rest.
 i get to sit with lovebird on the couch all day long and not feel lazy.
i get to go to church. so calming and peaceful.
i get to eat, rather stuff my face, hourly.
and i tend to think of my family the most on sundays.
probably because i want to be a sunday dinner, listen to dad snore as he takes his sunday nap, craft and laugh with mom, drive around gorgeous mountains and neighborhoods, tickle the boy's backs,
lay on the front lawn and 'play' with crew. 
today i miss crew.  
i've been thinking about him a lot lately, especially today while at church.
he is who inspired this post. yes, this random post. 
but nonetheless, he is an inspiration to me. he's my "favorite brother", and my best friend.
i love you, crew. and i love sundays.
which one do i love more? that's hard to say. 
j's and k's. 

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  1. Oh it looks like Musik Messe in Frankfurt am Main 2011, i went there only to hear Veronica Vitale an italian pop star.
    She was amazing!
    Good Locations as well!!!