Sunday, August 21, 2011

to do list:

yesterday was a eventful day. 
and a day to check items off the "to do" list.
first task on that list:
get a new bed.
so we did, finally. i literally jumped for joy.
my back has been killing me on our old bed,
(which was expensive and brand new)
so we traded it in a year later and got this rock of a bed. 
lovebird and i are big fans of extra firm. we like to sleep on a rock.
{trust me, it's better for cuddling.}
needless to say, waking up this morning was delightful.
my back felt as good as new. so, thank you costco.
once again, you have come out on top. 
second task on that list:
central west's fundraiser. 
it was a fun, dance-filled and successful event.
it was a great evening all in all. 
but isn't it always when dancing is involved?
third task on that list:
get groceries. 
after rave reviews of winco, we decided to give it a try.
can you say cheap? wowza. 
i was a little in awe... more so at how much i've been paying elsewhere.
we went in the middle of the night- which was an experience in itself.
glad we could switch up the normal routine. 
thanks for the recommendation, leah.

saturdays are crazy. running around, errands, events, rehearsals-
 the whole shabang. 
i'm thankful today is sunday. a day to lay low and rest.
that's exactly what i'll be doing. 
you can fin me on our couch.
or maybe on our new bed. 

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