Friday, August 19, 2011

tgif. literally.

this week has been a little crazy.
a little rocky. a little relaxing and a little testing. 
my buttons seemed to be easily pushed. but why? who knows.
ever have those days {or week, in my case} where so many things drive you absolutely crazy? 
like a fly that won't leave you alone? or dirt under your fingernails? 
yup- that was my week.
my husband likes to call it pms. i assure him he is wrong. 
regardless, it's time for the weekend.
[thank goodness]
so let's forget our troubles and party hardy.
oh wait, dance performance this weekend. 
if you are in the area you should come. check it out here or here.
besides, it's a fundraiser- so your money will be well spent. 
double goodness? i get monday off. yep you heard me, completely off.
it will be my last day of summer. school starts tuesday. 
i'm already making big plans. 
what are you big plans for the weekend?

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