Thursday, September 15, 2011

as of late

as of late...
i am a political enthusiast. 
i dream of taking naps. but, i never actually do.
i am in a constant state of craving for cucumbers. weird, i know.
i wear gold. only gold. thanks to my new necklace. 
i am a bit too stressed for my liking. rather, short of time.
i find humor in the embarrassing moments of my life. this is very rare for me.
i am constantly wishing for a cool fall breeze to come whooshing by. 
i am dying to go on what i like to call, a second honeymoon.
i overdosed on buying stationary yesterday. 
i find joy in practicing the piano.
i listen to NPR every second i am near a radio.
i envy long thick hair. 
i dig the fall make up trends. pumpkin lips. 
and i feel the need to volunteer somewhere. 

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