Monday, September 12, 2011

do i feel fall?

happy monday friends.
yesterday was the first day it started to cool off in the evenings.
but don't let me fool you. "cool off" as in a tiny breeze.
we still couldn't sleep with our windows open. 
which is by far my favorite fall time activity.
cool breeze, the sound of crickets, and the smell of fall sneaking thru our windows. 
simply the best. 
{another perk? a lower PG&E bill.} 
this is a weird time of the year in california.
why? because everything feels like fall expect for the weather,
which creates a huge problem.
it's after labor day so all of our whites are tucked away.
yes, i abide by that rule. and consequently, lovebird does too.
however, it is freakin' hot. yep, still reaching the 100's.
so naturally i want to wear light, summery clothes.
but... it's september!
so my brain is telling me to wear fall colors, boots, jeans, etc...
it's a predicament . 
i hate it. getting dressed in the morning has become a guessing game. 
i'm ready for fall weather to be here.
i'm over summer. 
fall, please come already.
my fall clothes are itching to be hung in the closet.
my boots and scarfs are ready to be worn.
and my heart would be happy, because fall is the best time of year for fashion.
one word for fall fashion: layers.
i'm getting more anxious just writing this.
happy monday, happy wishful thinking for fall, and happy school days this week.

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