Friday, September 23, 2011

finally fall

well friends, it's officially fall. 
say goodbye to summer. yahoo!
sit back and enjoy this lovely season.
{p.s. this chair is to die for. love it}

fall is much anticipated in this little soul of mine.
how could it not be?
soups, pumpkins, baked goods, candy galore, scarfs, the change of weather,
beautiful autumn leafs, leggings and tights, boots,  brick red lips, and holidays.
fall is a busy time:
school is in session, halloween crafts are in the process of being made,
my piano students are gearing up for their halloween challenge, 
the chore of changing my closet from summer clothes to fall clothes is slowly beginning, 
rehearsals for swan lake are taking place,
and my oven is getting it's fair share of use. 
fall is simply wonderful.
everyone is busy, active and motivated.
the weather is refreshing and forces you inside to cuddle, often.
the anticipation for the holidays brings excitement. 
and fall fashion is easiest and prettiest to wear. 
fall, fall, fall. 

let's say goodbye to summer
and welcome the oh-so-anticipated season of fall.

p.s. what are you doing on the first eve of fall? it is the weekend after all! 

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  1. I am SO excited that it's fall! I love Autumn.

    P.S. I'm having a giveaway right now! Please feel free to come check it out!