Thursday, September 22, 2011

favorite things

these are a few of my favorite things.
as of late, of course.
my obsessions, trends, and taste seem to change on a regular basis.

"it's-it" ice cream sandwiches.
they are to die for. a little piece of heaven on earth.
{ignore the ugly picture. i just walked in the door from rehearsal.}

this idea for our bedroom. i find it adorable.
salads. yep, you heard me right.
i know it is shocking coming from me, but i am currently obsessed with them.
best {our favorite} dressing? "o organic" blue cheese. yum.

my new jag jeans.
oh, so comfy. i could sleep in them.
check them out here.

a few more of my favorite things....
lovebird's scruff. (that'll never get old)
shoes with bows. super feminine.
npr. {as in national public radio.} currently addicted. 
the sun rising in the morning. it simple brings joy and hope.
talking to midge {my mom} every day. and making her laugh. 
a cup of ice water at my bed stand. 
my wedding ring. {i suppose that will always be a 'favorite thing'.}
and lovebird's current nicknames for me: far-quad and car-zi. don't ask. so random. 


  1. NPR stands for National Public Radio. just fyi.

  2. That You&Me piece is absolutely beautiful! Where did you find the idea?