Thursday, September 8, 2011

one word: chocolate

lovebird says: "lets go on a walk. you know, a walk to the store to get a treat."
i of course said: "brilliant idea." 
in two seconds flat, i am at the door ready to go. now waiting on him.
nothing like the thought of chocolate to get my heart rate
jumping and my blood pumping.
after all, i would never turn down the chance to walk down "lovers lane" knowing i'll end up on the candy isle with mounds of choices staring me back in the face. 
good choices; chocolately choices.
{sorry starburst and skittles, you're just not my cup of tea.}
as we take our stroll, i realize just how rare it is for lovebird to want a treat.
i'm always the one begging him to eat junk food
and he is the one claiming he's too healthy.
he rarely gives in to a treat. unless of course it's yogurt mill. 
so, this craving of his is very unusual.
however, i'm thankful for it. because i needed a treat after my loooong day.
surprisingly, i chose a twix.
and even more surprisingly, he chose a dark chocolate bar.
we walked back home, hand in hand.
engaged in deep conversation. 
[the president's speech enabled for loaded topics tonight.]
we laughed. we complained about certain people things.
and most importantly we jumped on the couch and devoured our treat. 
all 250 calories. not feeling guilty at all...
because having a husband to share an evening full of walks, conversation,
laughter, cuddles on a couch
and of course chocolate is worth ever calorie and more. 

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  1. this is so sweet. and i love that he found a way to have "healthy" chocolate. haha!