Tuesday, September 20, 2011


isn't it crazy how much we take our health for granted?
it isn't until i am sick, that i remember how lucky i am to be healthy.
being sick is the pits.
 you feel like crap. you don't even feel like yourself, for that matter.
your body hurts and reacts in ways so unfamiliar. 
and on top of it, you look like crap.
{or at least i do, when i'm sick}
even worse, try dancing when you feel like you're going to collapse. 
or try focusing on your geology homework when your head kills. impossible.
needless to say, i am excited to embrace health again.
i'm looking forward to wearing makeup again.
and i'm mostly looking forward to kissing lovebird again. 
{with my luck, he'll probably get sick right as i get better.}
for all of you out there reading this...
get your flu shot this season! 
i'm headed to the pharmacy as soon as this cold disappears.
i am sending healthy vibes your way,
because again, being sick is the pits. 

1 comment:

  1. ok there totally is something going around - half my office is sick too! and i looove someecards, that one is awesome. :)

    Feel better soon!!