Sunday, September 11, 2011



a day to remember.
september 11, 2001.
my heart goes out to so many people today.
i've realized this week just how many people were affected by 
this awful tragedy that struck ten years ago.
this event has changed and shaped the united states so much in these last several years.
for the good and for the bad.
but most importantly,
i want to send my love to those that have passed due to the event.
those that fought in honor of the event.
and those that stand tall today in hope, love and remembrance.

so what was this day like for me ten years ago?
I woke up for school, just like every other morning. as i walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast i found my dad sitting inches away from the t.v. staring intently at it.
thinking nothing of it, i carried on eating. in the background i heard the sudden news, 
dropped my cereal bowl and slowly walked over to look at the screen.
i sat silently and watched.
i was in awe.
being young, i didn't fully understand exactly what was happening.
or what this one day meant for the future. 
but i knew it was tragic and horrific.
i remember watching people jump from the towers.
i remember the second plane hitting on live television.
i remember screams coming from the t.v.
i remember the state of shock everyone was in. 
i remember president bush. 
i remember driving to school with the radio up loud.
i remember walking into the chattered halls of jr. high.
i remember sitting in my classroom watching the news with my classmates. 
everyday life stood still. as it should have.
that day is a vivid memory in my mind and in my heart.

ten years from that day brings us to now...
the world is a different place because of this one event.
this event brought war, contentions, trials, lack of hope, it contributed to the 
downfall of our economy, and it saddened the hearts of too many americans. 
today we have recovered in a sense.
there is hope. peace and a unity among us today. 
we are still recovering. and always will be.
we love those that we lost. 
and we cherish this historical event that has influenced the world around us.

9.11.01 to 9.11.11
then year anniversary. 

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