Tuesday, September 27, 2011

trick of the trade.

here's a little tip. a tip you are going to love.
it will change your life.
{or at least my makeup life was changed.}
you know how when you apply your mascara and it gets all over your eyelid?
all over the beautiful eyeshadow you just applied.
and now you are frustrated because you have to start all over again.
well go no further! i have your solution.
it's rather silly, but it works like a gem.
meet your best friend in this case:
yep, a plastic "mascara wand".
you know, the ones that are at sephora or mac counters for 
you to use, when trying their products?
well next time you're there, grab a few. 
now for the tip:
when your mascara gets all over the place,
wait for it to dry completely.
then simply rub this little wand back and forth over the mess up.
and ta-da, your eyeshadow remains perfect and the spot is gone!
it's that easy. and works perfectly.
i hope you enjoyed this little tip. 
love, me.


  1. thanks for the tip!!!

    cute blog! Im a new follower! follow me! :)


  2. that's such a great idea! I had never thought of that.



  3. potentially life changing. i always use a q-tip but that also takes eyeshadow with it. i'm in awe that this works!!

  4. i love your blog, just found it! anyway, nice tip. i usually just use a q-tip with a tinyyy dab of lotion on it. i'll try this instead. :)

  5. thanks for the tip, I hate when that happens especially since I'm not the best at make up and then it gets ruined when it actually came out looking good. Adorable blog, I'm following :)


  6. ha, this is so perfect! thanks for this advice! i'll definitely have to try this next time!
    xo TJ