Wednesday, September 28, 2011

diet coke.

diet coke.
10 points for the new can.
love it. 
however, how do they expect me to give it up
when they tempt me with a new design?
my eyes are drawn to it, and next thing i know i'm opening
a can and guzzling it's goodness.
it's impossible to give up, isn't it?
please, help me. 


  1. Im no help. I am enjoying a can as I type. I always quit and then treat myself to one and fall hard and fast off the wagon.

  2. Ohhh! Diet Coke is definitely a weakness of mine! Love your blog.

  3. It's my fav!!
    I am a new reader. I LOVE your blog.

    Stop by my blog...

    Or my photography profile.

  4. ahhhh don't tempt me! i'm taking a break from cokes for a week, i'm on day FIVE! (so. far. to. go. *wink*)
    p.s. i'm following this cuteness! :)