Sunday, October 9, 2011

apple crisp speaks fall.

 sunday= fall clothes, apple crisp and "family" dinner with friends.
what a lovely day it has been.
so lovely, i fear that the classic fear of monday has been increased. 
weekends ending are the pits. 
a busy week is about to begin.
i'm getting excited, already exhausted, and somewhat nervous.
{swan lake performances plus a couple school exams.}
today i miss my family. more than ever.
hearing all of my brothers in the background of phone calls almost saddened me
as i realized i am really further away than i think i am. 
i miss bret's incredible cooking.
i miss joel's entertainment and never ending jokes.
i miss corey's tickles and conversations. 
i miss crew's laugh. and simply just being with him.
distance is hard. yet rewarding as i realize just how much i love
them, and how much they love me in return.  
i'm a lucky sister.
and thank goodness i'm the only girl,
i don't think i could share them with anyone else.
happy sunday.
i hope yours was spent enjoying a delicious fall treat with family.
{i certainly was with my family away from home.}

p.s. lovebird pulled me off the couch to slow dance with me after we got home tonight.
he's so romantic. being in his arms is the best feeling on earth.
yet again, i lucked out. big time. 


  1. this is SUCH a sweet post. what a great reminder for ME that i have such a wonderful family\siblings and just how i should be so much more grateful for them. :)
    thank you.

  2. your outfit is devine girl! and your post is just lovely! i adore coming to your blog!!!
    xo TJ