Thursday, October 13, 2011

hats off to being busy.

happy thursday friends.
wanna know what happens when life is too busy and stressful?
it results in me wearing a hat and no makeup to school.
a girls got to do what a girls got to do. right?
then again, on the contrary, i never have understood the girls who wear
heels, skimpy clothes and loads of makeup to school.
after all, we are trekking across campus and sitting in classrooms all day long.
we aren't at a club, going out on the town or at a fashion show, which i'm convinced
half of the girls at school think we are.
then again, i'm {thankfully} married and not trying to impress anyone,
so that could be my lack of going overboard on the whole getting ready thing. 
who knows. 
what i do know- is that i'm stressed, happy, busy and wearing a hat.

this weekend we are performing swan lake.
you should come! click here and here for info.
swan lake is consuming my every minute right now,
so you can imagine the anticipation for next week....
we get the whole week off! {this never happens} 
it's well needed and well deserved, i believe.
best part about the week off?
i'll actually get to see my husband.
and of course i'll be baking pumpkin chocolate chippers, blogging, relaxing, cooking
creating crafts and brainstorming my halloween costume.

i can't wait. 

1 comment:

  1. your weekend sounds so fun!
    and i love your thoughts about not going all out and just being natural on some days! i completely agree:) i love the quote where somebody said: "some days are a waste of make-up." so true! :)