Sunday, October 2, 2011

greetings in october.

goodbye september. hello october.
goodbye bird nests. hello halloween decor.
goodbye dry hands/lips. hello aquaphor.
goodbye any sort of extra time. hello extremely busy schedule.
goodbye feeling somewhat decent. hello super sore body. 
goodbye summer fruit. hello pomegranates.
goodbye seeing my husband. hello his new job. {yay!}
goodbye licorice. hello candy corn.
goodbye kelly green. hello autumn orange.
goodbye practicing the piano. hello teaching it.
goodbye sour cream. hello fage yogurt instead. {healthier}
goodbye drama and immaturity. hello "i'm too old for that".
goodbye to a dear friend. hello to wishing you'd come back around.
goodbye soda. hello water. 
goodbye pumpkins. hello jack-o-lanterns. 
goodbye bbq's. hello soups. 
goodbye air conditioner. hello fall breeze thru open windows.
goodbye distance from daddy. hello phone calls of advice and love.
goodbye money. hello expensive gas and long commutes to school.
goodbye september. hello october. 

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