Thursday, September 29, 2011

go for the gold.

wear gold.
it's a lovely, futuristic and feminine thing to do.
the options are endless: 
i adore my gold toms.
am rarely seen without wearing my monogramed gold necklace.
still loving my gold watch. it never gets old. 
go for the gold nails. lovely. 
gold bangles are simply the perfect accesory with any outfit. 
or be daring and throw on a gold sequin top.
don't forget your face! gold makeup can be beautiful.
everyday is a gold day, so go for the gold!
my feet are decked out in gold today.
happy thursday. 


  1. i need to get me some gold to rock out in'! :)
    xo TJ

  2. toooooms. i <3 them! especially your gold ones:) i have the black sparkley pair and i would love to have the brown ones for fall! :D
    thanks for the comment hunn! you are sweet:)