Thursday, November 3, 2011

be grateful

today i am thankful for these five things...
  • school. i love to learn. nothing gives me a better since of accomplishment. knowledge is a quality i constantly seek to gain; simply because speaking with someone who portrays wisdom is inspiring. 
  • the new pancake recipe i discovered. so delicious and healthy. lovebird devoured them. {thank you katy.
  • sleep. never have i ever felt so busy and exhausted in my life.
  • the realization that i'm getting older. believe me, this is not always a good thing. but, today for some reason, i am thankful for the opportunities that come my way due to being old growing up. 
  • lotion. period. i get so dry in the cold fall and winter months. lotion is my body's oxygen right now. 

being november, i am going to post little thankful lists. it's always a good thing to count your blessings. each and every one of them. no matter how big or small. 
i double dog dear you to make your own lists. 

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