Sunday, November 6, 2011

b is for: busy, ballerina, bowling and blt's.

another weekend jam packed with things to do:
school, work {for the both of us},
rehearsals, church, bowling, decorating, 
house sitting, homework and cleaning.
life is oh so busy right now.
i can't stress enough how busy it is.
i'm still in shock that joel and i manage to get everything done.
on top of that, we hardly ever see each other.
thank goodness we have forever to spend with one other.

friday's eventful night: homemade pizza, rehearsal, lovebird worked, friends came over to hot tub.
saturday's hectic day: rehearsals and work {so repetitive}, bowling for the ballet, and frozen yogurt
with our good friends.
sunday's lazy day consisted of: church, a bundled up walk, and BLT's that were to die for.

pictures above:
lovebird sporting his school shirt. handsome and a complete goof.
some days require BLT's. i think they are underrated.
so simple, yet so delicious. perfect for a dinner in need of a quick prep.
i wore red today. head to toe. lipstick and all.
bowling was a blast. lovebird happened to be "lucky" and bowled enough
strikes for the two of us.
we were in good company. a big thanks to my friends who supported me and CWB.
the start of our thanksgiving decorations. i need some turkeys!
a picture of our rings. they never get old. remind me of what eternity stands for.
a busy november. and that's just my ballet schedule.

i wish i could capture our life better in words.
but for now, pictures will have to do the story telling.
thanks to our busy life which only allows time for a snap shot,
rather than a entry with complex words. 

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