Tuesday, November 8, 2011

things wanted:

lovebird says, "you always want, want, want things..."
he is correct. these are the things i want as of late:
i want to read a book. meaning, i want the time to do so.
i want to curl up in a bathtub full of clear water with a hint of lavender.
i want to travel to bulgaria. to meet the people he adores.
i want an endless supply of pillows. decorative pillows.
i want more time with my husband.
i want to jump on the bed like i did when i was five years old.
i want to go to lunch with my mom on any given day of the week. {gosh dang it, distance.}
i want to sleep in. just one day please. 
i want to live on the east coast. even if its just for a second.
i secretly want {or maybe even need} a cleaning lady.
i want to remember my dreams detail by detail. wouldn't that be interesting?
i want {more} perfume. i am an addict.
i want an infinite amount of new pointe shoes. 
i want to relive that feeling of christmas morning as a child.
i want simplicity. 
i want to sit at a piano with chopin.
i want to write. maybe even as my profession, when i grow up. 
most of all, i want lovebird to want more things, so i don't feel so guilty. 
he's just so content. so easily pleased. and always happy. 
please know that i am more than grateful for what i have, this is simply a wish list.


  1. there's nothing wrong with wish lists! i loved your comment, thank you:)

  2. this list is beautiful girl! and yes, i say let's totally jump on the bed like we're 5. it's the best!!!!
    xo TJ

  3. I adore your want/wish list. You made me laugh out loud with you comment about wanting lovebird to WANT more! You are so cute.....and maybe we could go to lunch on monday, or wednesday, or friday? That's what I want most!!!!