Tuesday, November 15, 2011

time for thanksgiving

i'm a little behind on sharing these goodies from the weekend.
but... better late than never, right?
pictures above:
1. november 11, 2011. in other words, 11-11-11.
{p.s. i made certain to make the wish of a lifetime}
2. lovebird and i. after our date on saturday night. what a lovely evening. 
just spending time together, which is more special to me than anything at the moment.
3. our yummy salad for dinner. 
why do i find food so fun to photograph? 
4. malachi and isaiah: quite possibly my favorite little boys.
enjoying kalea's soccer game early saturday morning. 
we just love that family to pieces.

the week is already cruising by. it's tuesday.
time seems to be escaping, rather than flying by.
lovebird just said last night, "i can't believe thanksgiving is next week".
doesn't it feel like halloween was yesterday?
christmas will be here before we know it.
which reminds me...
i'm already gathering ideas, brain storming and planning on how to decorate.
thanks to pinterest, the options are endless.
my problem: not having enough time, having self control to not spend a bajillion dollars
just in crafts, oh and my home is too little for all that i have in mind. 
but, and it's a big but, let's get back to thanksgiving!
it's one of my favorite holidays. 
i adore it, because i feel as though the focus is being with family.
nothing is quite as awesome as sitting around a table with delicious food, intimate company,
a heart of gratitude and pumpkin pie. 
oh, and let's not forget stuffing. 
arguably my favorite part of the thanksgiving feast.
and one of the best things about marrying  lovebird...
he hates stuffing. which only means i get his portion too. 
bring on the love, time with family and the pounds.
i'm ready for you, thanksgiving.

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  1. i am ready for thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas too! love your pictures, you are SO pretty! :)