Thursday, December 29, 2011

just a glimpse

pictures to words:
1. christmas tree at home.
2. brothers: corey and crew.
3. midge. just about to open her new iPad.
4. traveling home in red tights and red shoes.
5. midge gave a gift to whomever could promise the first grandchild. 
{we didn't necessarily promise. we are just the most likely to. ha}
6. daddy happy as a clam. 
7. brothers: bret and joel.
8. plane ticket on christmas morning.
9. lots of diet coke this trip. yum.
10. showing off the new ray bans.
11. lovebird being as cute as ever.
12. brown paper packages tied up with string tool.
{christmas tree at our "real" home.}


  1. i loooove thoese shoes...great pics!!!

  2. love the glasses :)
    As well as the outfit snapshot!

  3. The red tights and shoes are adorable!