Sunday, January 1, 2012

cheers to a new year!

{last pictures taken of us in 2011.}

i am not the biggest fan of new years eve.
you can call me scrooge. i don't mind.
the two best things about the holiday are:
1. wearing all things that glitter and sparkle.
2. eating delicious food.
don't get me wrong...
 the countdown to midnight, the kiss triggered by the strike of a clock,
 the fireworks and the lovely friends and family 
we find celebrating with are oh so great. 
but..... there is something that just doesn't click for me.
i sometimes think ordering in chinese food, snuggling on the couch
while just the two of us countdown and ring in the new year would 
make me fall in love with the holiday.
that being said, we did have a fun time last night.
it was spent with family up in park city and midway.
we ate lots of yummy {and expensive} food.
we laughed until we were blue in the face.
we cheered on the utes in the bowl game.
we raced down to celebrate midnight with dear friends.
and we came home to fall asleep talking about things in 2012.
it's here already. 
we've quickly said goodbye to 2011.
funny how that happens.
it was a year full of all good things.
{staring school for me. new job for lovebird. house guest for a month. trips home to utah. friends tied the knot. more friends engaged. contract with cwb. holidays. visits from family. our one year anniversary. romantic getaway to monterey. got a piano. moved apartments. straight a's. lovebird's quarter of a century birthday. made new, and now close, friends. lovebird tore his cal and got surgery. crew going through the temple; crew getting his mission call. many day trips to our city: san francisco. new church callings. and the list goes on.}
we fell in love all over again in 2011.
and plan on doing just that in 2012.
365 days: so much to do, see, explore and feel.
we are anxiously awaiting everything that comes our way
whether by choice or by fate. 
happy 2012.
cheers to the new year! 


  1. I agree with you!!! I want to like it..I do. And it's alright. But I just can't fall in love with it! Last night I seriously considered staying home in my

  2. you two are seriously such a good looking couple!! the utes bowl game was awesome, just awesome. what a fun year you have had and i hope this year is just as wonderful for you!!!

  3. I've never cared much for it either. but happy new year just the same! :)