Saturday, December 3, 2011

music warms the heart.

what's christmas time without music?
could you even begin to imagine that?
we couldn't prance around the tree in our pi's singing "deck the halls."
we wouldn't have "baby it's cold outside" stuck in our heads all day after watching elf.
christmas carolers wouldn't even exist.
i wouldn't think someone is singing my name every time i heard "Feliz Navidad".
{which actually might be a good thing.}
and an odd silence would fill the air as we shopped, celebrated, and partied. 
which is exactly why you need to spruce up 
your holiday collection of cd's with this little gem....
{the lovely cd. or rather it's cover.}

hum: is my best friend's brother and a rockstar.
hue: is his adorable, crafty and artistic wife.

both are extremely talented people. 
they were feeling the christmas spirit this holiday season and 
wanted to spread their love through music.
listen and watch one of their songs here.
and then return the favor and spread your love by visiting hue's easy shop.
you could also spread the word by letting others know. {yes, the pun was intended}
thanks for doing me this kind favor. hue will be very happy. 


  1. Thanks for the sweet comment darling! :) Can't wait to listen to this!

  2. Love you and love this post and love the songs! Miss you terribly and can't wait to see you so soon :) xoxo
    Love, Em