Saturday, December 3, 2011


i had to post this. why? 
because i am always wanting to cuddle and 
watch disney movies with lovebird.
is that childish? perhaps. 
do i care? not one bit.
dare i say, disney movies are better than half the movies out in theaters right now.
just the other day we watched "up" for the umpteenth time.
{such and incredible, inspiring, tear jerking and hilarious movie.}
no too long ago, we jumped on the bandwagon and watched "tangled."
another great one.
however, i'm talking way old school when it comes to disney movies;
bambi, lion king, jungle book, snow white, aladdin, cinderella, toy story...
and the list goes on. they never get old.
i'm secretly looking forward to spending the day with my future-little-ones 
on the couch watching the classics. 
until then, lovebird and i will continue to have disney date nights.
join in on the fun. you're missing out. 
{don't forget to sing along! that way you won't feel so "old".} 
happy weekend friends. 


  1. Just found your the your story..too cute!!

  2. we love disney movies. although it isn't disney...we watch despicable me at least once a month. i need to start collecting them all on dvd so we are prepared when we have babes. :)

  3. adore disney movies:) never will be too old to watch them!!