Friday, December 9, 2011

a proud sister

yesterday was quite eventful.
it started bright and early with two performances of the nutcracker.
onto work, studying for finals and cooking dinner.
then we decided to be festive, and decorate our christmas tree. 
{despite how exhausted we both were.}
on a typical day of the lovebirds, decorating the christmas tree would normally seem 
like the grand event. the big bang. 
but yesterday, something super special and exiting happened.
my little brother
[aka: crewser, my best friend, c-cup and crewber]
received his mission call to.....
mexico city!
awesome, right?
{if you have no clue what i am talking about, click here.}
he is going foriegn, which he wanted desperately.
 he is also learning spanish. which, in my opinion, is such a useful language to learn.
lovebird and i being beyond excited for him quickly did some research to find out
where exactly our brother, who is growing up way too fast, 
would be spending the next two years of his life. 
he is going to an incredible place full of culture, history and people.
fun little fact: the population of just the metropolitan area is a little over 21 million people.
that is a ton of people. holy cow.
 anyway, we couldn't be happier for him.
i'm already trying to imagine life "without" him for two years. it's going to be ruff.
good thing for handwritten letters, and two phone calls home a year.
looks like i'll have another nickname to add to the list... elder carlson.
i promise to post some photos and a video of him opening his call very soon.
we are beyond elated for you, crew. 


  1. I also think that Spanish is such a useful language to learn :-)

    Signed: Fabulous Spaniard

  2. hadn't read your blog for a week or so and find it so fun and uplifting. Yes! You should be embarrassed about all your naughty girl. love the blog about "hello to winter" especially the part about coming to Utah. See you two lovebirds soon!!!!!!!!!!

  3. that is awesome! a lot of my friends who have gone on missions come back saying it was the best experience of their life! :) love your pictures btw..

  4. thanks so much for the awesome comment! Congrats on your brother's mission!


  5. WOW that's great! I have a few friends who have served that mission! That's awesome news! And the nutcracker? Awesome. I've only seen it once and it was incredible

  6. 1. you are simply gorgeous in those pictures girl
    2. glad to hear that the performances went well
    3. mr. taylor served his mission in mexico and he loved it! he's going to learn to love the people and the language! so happy for you!!!
    xo TJ

  7. WOW! How wonderful! Id be a proud big sister too.

    You are absolutely STUNNING!!! Would love for us to follow each other!


  8. I've always wanted to do missions. How exciting that must be. I can't imagine my own brother (aka one of my best buddies) moving that far away though. Im sure it will be fun writing letters!