Tuesday, December 6, 2011

wrap me up in a scarf, please.

the other night while i was being productive,
lovebird was being a little rascal.
he's new to the whole instagram scene. 
{that being said, he probably will always be "new" to it.}
but, while frantically doing my homework and crafting,
i finally decided to call it a night and go to bed.
i walk into the bedroom and lovebird has a little smirk on his face.
i know he has done something.
he breaks into a little laughter as he says,
"have you checked instagram lately?"
 i instantly said, "oh no... what did you post?"
{thinking he posted a picture of our dirty laundry, or the dust on our shelf, or an awkward picture of me from 5th grade, or something that would completely embarrass me...}
already preparing for a huge pillow fight, i grab a pillow in one hand
and my phone in the other.
i check instagram to find a picture posted of .... my scarves.
instantly feeling relieved and just slightly embarrassed at the number of scarves i own.
i look at him and just shake my head as i release my tight grip on the pillow.
i guess the world knows my obsession to scarves now.
lovebird thinks i have far too many.
i don't think i have enough.
he thinks i have enough to have a boutique.
i think i may ask for another one for christmas.
is this obsession sickening? possibly.
do i fall into that category of "americans owning more than necessary"? yes, i do.
can you borrow a scarf? yes, come on over to my boutique. 
i'd love to share my obsession and collection with you.
happy tuesday friends.
life is better wrapped up in a scarf. 
fun fact: if your neck is warm, the overall temperature of your body is warmer. 
keep this in mind as the cold weather comes our way this winter! 
p.s. it's a good thing he only posted a picture of some of my scarves.
 you'd really be in shock if you saw them all.


  1. I love scarves tooo...but my big obsession...purses...ohhhhh you don't even wanna know how many I have :p

  2. oooh yes i love scarves! i like that fun fact--i knew i wore 2 or 3 scarves at a time for a reason:)

  3. I have so many scarves that the hook in my closet just ripped out of the wall. SO, i also have a boutique's worth of scarves.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment! =)

    I have lots of scarves too! I have two hangers full and I still buy more! There are just so many cute ones and you can wear them with so many different outfits...hard to quit getting them!

  5. I wish I had Instagram! haha I guess I just won't be cool enough until I get a smart phone.

  6. i have a massive collection of scarves too..they just add an extra something special to an outfit. you can never have too many right? :)

  7. i have a crazy scar collection. :) great pic!