Thursday, January 19, 2012

boys will be boys.

let's talk about boys.
yes, some of them still have cooties...
but for the most we can see past those cooties of theirs.

first guy on the list: zac efron.
i've never been a die heart fan of him. in fact, i haven't really
ever been googly eyed over him. until....
i went and saw new year's eve in the theaters.
he is a complete stud in that movie.
he's got the looks and the personality going on in that movie. 
well done, zac.

next guy on the list: our future president.
that is assuming he will be a boy.
what do you think?
are you following politics right now?
i'm a little torn and confused right now.

third guy on the list: jude law.
let's face it... he will be on every "boy" list of mine.
he's my crush, obsession, and i like to think of myself as his biggest fan.

next guy: josh hutcherson
casted as peeta in the hunger games movie.
is he a perfect match?
quite possibly.
are you in love with him?
i'm still sitting on the fence about this one. 

fifth guy: lovebird.
if we were numbering in order of importance he'd be number one on the list.
but, i'm not. i'm numbering in random order to throw you all for a loop. 
lovebird is simply my everything;
my love and my happiness in life.
he completes me. the end

up next on the list: the bachelor.
don't pretend like you don't watch the show;
we all know you've seen a glimpse of it.
ben is a cutie. 
i hope his heart isn't shattered again.
{i actualy haven't watched this season, yet. shame on me.}

next guy up for discussion: your first "true" love.
do you ever think about him?
do you ever wonder where he is in life?
the last time you were with him was at sixth grade graduation, right?
or maybe you were swinging on the monkey bars right before you 
pinky promised to love each other forever.
or maybe he came along in high school; 
and maybe you've watched his life unfold from a distance. 
first loves are first loves- you will always love him.

and lastly: your daddy.
daddy daughter relationships are irreplaceable. 
my dad takes the cake on this list of "boys". {shh! don't tell lovebird}
dad's are special.
and maybe that's because they warn you about boys and their cooties.
they are always looking out for your best interest.
they never break your heart, but rather mend and support it.
love for dad's are infinite.
i'm lucky to have the one i do.

i'm curious to see your opinions about this list of boys.
or by all means, please add to the list.
remember: boys with cooties aren't allowed. 

{p.s. i only included three pictures- due to not wanting this to turn into a lengthy post.}


  1. I like your list :)
    I'd of had to add Ryan Gosling though!

  2. SO with you on Jude and Zac!! I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the good looking celebs...haha oops! And I totally agree on the first loves (blogged about that one last week) and my dad. My dad and my brother are the number one guys in my life right now! Love them and love this list!!

  3. How cute is this post!?! Adorable.. and yes to the top 4 you put... I love how you added Daddy & Brothers in there as well. So, so, sweet! :)

  4., i LOVE jude law. i could just swim in those deep blue eyes. and ever since i saw 17 again, i have found a love for zac efron. you have GREAT taste:)
    as for first love, still getting over that one, 3 months later. ick.
    and thank goodness for daddy's! they are the best.


  5. aww, the bachelor! seriously, OBSESSED with that show. we should converse after every episode though our daily emails ,)
    zac efron, met him in person. WAY more gorgeous than you can imagine.
    i've never been a huge jude law fan, but i LOVE him in The Holiday!
    xo TJ

  6. I am deff watching the bachelor and I Love ben! He is such a sweetheart!


  7. leticia, i love you dearly. and boys. you speak the truth beautifully, and again, I love you.

  8. Unfortunately I just am not much into Ben, although I am watching The Bachelor. But I totally get Jude Law. Him in The Holiday? ADORE.