Tuesday, January 17, 2012


it's official... lovebird has gone off the deep end.
he's jumped into the sea full of greens.
aka: he's juicing.
you know, the thing that all celebrities swear by?
or what vegetarians promote?
or what extremely healthy people do for all three meals?
or what half the nation is doing right now, thanks to new year's resolutions
of eating healthy and slimming down?
regardless, he's jumped on that band wagon.
and, i hate to say it, but he loves it. 
on the other hand... i am not so in love with it.
1. i typically haven't been a good "eat your greens" person.
2. i can't cook a dinner full of meat, carbs, starches and all things i love. 
3. the juicer is a pain in the butt {excuse my language} to clean. 
but, that being said...
it is growing on me.
if i chug it down in one sip, the aftertaste can be cured with a piece of gum.
my body does feel different and better.
and i can finally say i'm somewhat of a healthy eater. 
we'll see how long this healthy kick lasts.
{we are both hoping to last longer than the push from it being a new year}
i'm feeling it might be a permeant thing for lovebird.
as for me... it might just be a trial run. 

one things for certain:
eat your greens
whether juiced, raw, cooked or covered in ranch. 
you will feel better.
and that's a promise. 


  1. haha i love this! we have a blendtec and are eating things blended together that no one should. but i agree with you that you definitely do feel the good difference when you do! haha hopefully we can meet at it together!

  2. haha I totally agree on covering it in ranch! :)

  3. Haha :) I love all the "pro's and con's" kind of. I hope you have fun juicing! I want to try it too actually. Where did you get all the stuff for it?

  4. covered in ranch is the best way... :)


  5. Ha! I've thought about juicing a few times but I need to be able to chew my food. Let me know how it goes!

  6. haha, this is great! i love the pros and cons list too funny!! A friend of mine is obsessed with juicing he made some contraption with peas, spinach, banana, radish and beets....it was...well you can prob imagine how disgusting it was. but he loved it haha...so i guess thats all that matters!

  7. Ahhh so funny! We are not juicing but i def am getting my greens! We also just made our first homemade hummus last night... YUM.

    Thanks for stopping by a creative day :-)


  8. love your blog! thanks for commenting on mine so i could get to yours!

  9. You should post some recipes! I always put a ton of spinach in my morning fruit smoothie. But I've never done more than that...