Tuesday, January 24, 2012

day numbered by 10.

it's one of those days....
1. that i wear a bright pink lipstick and hardly any other makeup.
2. can't stop eating. {and no, it's not pms; just food cravings.}
3. go to lunch with a best friend.
4. walk to a parked car and try to get in it, to soon realize it's not mine.
{can you say embarrassing? and yes, people were watching.}
5. wake up feeling like i hardly even slept.
6. i can literally feel the anxiety of school staring back up again.
that, and realizing i only have a couple more days of true freedom left.
7. i have a burning desire to get so many things done; yet manage not to do any of them.
8. where my hands and feet are icicles. 
{due to either bad circulation or this wintery weather}
9. could squeeze lovebird to death. 
you know, the days you feel like you just can't get enough of him?
10. have major plans to cook dinner. but dread going to the grocery store.

yup. that's my day in a nutshell.
take it for what it is.
there's a little good, a little bad and a little lazy.
happy tuesday.

{photo: proof of the pink lipstick. lovebird loves my addiction to lip "stuff".}
{... yes, i am being sarcastic. he thinks i'm crazy.}


  1. I like the lipstick! And I totally know what you mean about school's anxiety. Bleh, it's the worst. Anyways, have a lovely day! X


  2. you are so cute, love you lipstick. i need to be more bold and try some myself!

  3. that lipstick looks fantastic on you!


  4. gorgeous!
    and i have gotten in the wrong car before too! TOTALLY embarrassing. there is no easy way to play that off. lol.


  5. Love the bright lipstick - should probably add that to my "must buy" list! I have days just like that!