Wednesday, January 25, 2012

relax a little.

happy wednesday.
or hump day, depending on how your day is going.
i posted a little quote to help the week go by quicker. 
this quote rings so true. 
do you ever find your self relaxing when you are extremely busy?
no. it's definitely rare. 
however, when you seem to have a break from the business of life,
all you do is relax and veg.
i'm going to try to remember to take time to relax even if it's for 20 minutes of the day.
school is about to begin, which always makes for a crazy schedule
on top of the {too} crazy one i already have. 
i have a feeling a little relaxation will train my body to enjoy being busy.
does that even make sense? 
i sure hope so. 
i guess it's apparent i'm having a hump day. 
carry on. 


  1. good post, thanks for sharing. :) hope you had a great wednesday.

  2. aw i love that quote! i defintely agree. maybe that will help train your body to enjoy busy...its worth a shot;)


  3. You are soo sweet! I love having you as a follower and I love following you :) Your post today really rang true with me! I've felt so swamped this past week and I really just need to take some time out for myself! I think I'm going to dedicate a period of time in the day for myself as well :)

    so inspirational!

    - tiana of l'esthetique

  4. I love this! Darling blog, new follower! :)