Tuesday, January 10, 2012

empty walls and ideas.

i love january.
it's a fresh start for so many things.
it's rejuvenating, rewarding, and relaxing after the holidays.
however, i have one {minor} issue with january....
i don't know how to decorate my home.
taking down the christmas decorations is a hassle, but always feels so good.
after doing so, my house feels quite empty.
i no longer live in a place with snow, so i can't do snowmen.
january is in the winter time. but decorating with snowflakes just doesn't feel right,
when i look out my window to find large palm trees, green grass and sunshine.
any suggestions?
i've raided pinterest and several magazines.
do i get a head start on valentines? 
{i've never been a huge valentines-hearts-roses person}
or do i embrace the "emptiness" of my home?
i thought i would see what you had to say.
i'm hoping i'm not the only one out there who feels this way.

p.s. dance started back up yesterday.
i can barely walk.
it's funny how long it takes to get into shape,
yet how fast you can fall out of shape.
{funny how that works.}


  1. so my solution is to (begrudgingly) take down all my overtly christmas stuff, but i leave up some twinkly lights inside through february. that way winter still feels cozy at night, but it doesn't have to be related to a holiday!

  2. i felt the same way when i took down my christmas decor yesterday...it's so empty! i think i might just get head start on valentine's day...i don't have much but at least it's something cheerful!

  3. I can't walk either and haven't been able to since January 1st - darn work out resolutions :)

  4. I love your blog!!!(: I'm following you now..would you follow me??(:

  5. we always just kinda keep the twinkle-light theme going until like february. those white lights can be a year-round thing too, so it works. its nice to be able to just leave them up around the mantle, shelves, etc for a pretty glow. i try framing and adding new pictures for the new year too:)

  6. I just jumped the gun on Valentine's but I don't love a ton of goopy hearts either. You can leave whatever red candles, pillows or other such stuff (from Christmas) out and call it Valentine's decor? I say you embrace the empty/clean look. There's certainly nothing wrong with that. :) I think you should invite me over so I can see.... Haha. I'm so pushy!

  7. Embrace the simplicity of no decorations!